What’s the Magic?


Once, Ram Manohar Lohia, the scholar socialist, asked Gandhi: “Bapu, you are an old man. Your speeches are delivered in a monotonous, low pitch, often inaudible voice. On the other hand, we young socialists speak in a scholarly fashion or breathe fire in our speeches. And yet, the people of India follow you, not us. What is your magic?”

Gandhi replied, “Son, I don’t exactly know. But the only reason I can think of is that I have never asked people to do anything I first did not practice in my life. People of India seem to recognize this about me.”

This anecdote made me understand the true essence of leadership. It moved me away from the path of impressive oration and made me walk on the path of authentic leadership. It has changed my life and the way I coach.

Is there any story or anecdote that has made a deep impact on you? I would be honored to know about that and learn from you.

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Narendra Goidani

A life coach focused on inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and explore possibilities.