Some of my best efforts failed. Yet, I am proud of those efforts.

Narendra Goidani
2 min readSep 8, 2020

A friend of mine Aarti Soch runs an art gallery — ‘Aart Forever’.

In spite of her best efforts, she was not able to sell a few paintings of an exceptional artist Ganesh Kale. On a friendly visit to the gallery, I overheard Aarti saying this to Ganesh when he was thinking of giving up painting and finding a job to fend for his family.

Aarti — If I buy a painting for Rs 1,000 and then sell it for 25,000, does the change in value decide if the painting was good or not, or was the painting good all along?

I could think of my struggling years in Chennai and the countless nights I searched in the dark night skies for light and hope.

When Alta Vista refused to pay a million dollars to buy Google, was the problem in the value of what Google had, or in Alta Vista’s recognition of that value?

There’s often a significant lag between the creation of something useful and when the market recognizes it.

That’s an opportunity for investors, who can buy-in before the recognition happens.

Creators should not get disheartened about the lack of applause and upside after they have created something.

When we look to the outside world for valuation and recognition, we might be confused about the intrinsic value of what we just created.

Creation without recognition is still worth its while.

Some of my best efforts failed. Yet, I am proud of those efforts.

Your thoughts?

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