Find ‘that’ (Germanium) to fill the blank space in your life.

Narendra Goidani
2 min readSep 15, 2020


In 2019, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table of elements.

Categorizing them into a perfect order when they had no idea WHY elements acted the way they did, was an mind blowing achievement.

Silicon was known to Mendeleyev, but its cousin germanium was not. Mendeleyev could see there should be another element in the table’s order.

Since he did not know what that element is, he left that place blank. He had the courage and the sense to say, “I don’t know”.

Germanium was finally discovered by the German chemist Clemens Winkler some 15 years later. The element Germanium, played a pivotal role in the development of solid state electronics.

Most certainly, the search for the missing element would not have taken place had the empty space in the Periodic Table not been left blank.

That blank space inspired other scientists to go looking for the element that will fill that blank place.

Progress, innovations and developments ALWAYS WORK THIS way. First, see the big picture. Then, see the blank places. Then, go and fill them.

What is that missing Germanium, that blank space, in your life? Go ahead and find it. Then, go and fill it.

Who knows? 150 odd years later, someone might write a post on YOU.

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